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Invisalign® in Shelby Township, MI

Invisalign® offers a real alternative to traditional wire-and-bracket braces for those considering orthodontic work in our area. Invisalign is a completely new way of realigning teeth and creating a beautiful smile. Rather than using adhesive to connect brackets to teeth and then stringing wires through those brackets to force teeth into the right configuration, Invisalign in Shelby Township is designed to enclose teeth in gentle plastic trays that gradually push teeth where they are intended to go.

How Does Invisalign Work?

During your first appointment, your Invisalign dentists will look at your teeth and determine the right strategies for straightening and repositioning them. They will then order a series of trays graduated from first to last. When these trays are fabricated and arrive, your dentist will check the fit and show you how to apply and remove your custom Invisalign trays. The clear plastic used to fabricate Invisalign trays is designed to be very difficult to detect once the trays are in place, making this one of the most discreet ways to address orthodontic concerns.

Should I Be Worried about Invisalign Cost?

Because the average cost of Invisalign is roughly comparable to that of metal braces, you can proceed with confidence and without fear of Invisalign cost. In most cases, your dental insurance will pay for at least part of the cost of the Invisalign treatment plan. We can also provide you with payment plans and options designed to make your Invisalign experience more affordable. If you are looking for Invisalign in Shelby Township, we can provide the support you need to ensure the best possible results for your teeth and your budget.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Your initial consultation will last for an hour or two on average. Once your trays arrive and you are fitted with them and instructed in their use, however, your course of treatment may last anywhere between 10 to 24 months, with 12 months being the most common length of time needed to achieve the desired results with Invisalign.

Working with Our Invisalign Dentists

We want your experience with our Invisalign specialists to be the best possible. To that end, we work with you to determine your priorities and to provide you with the most discreet and effective tooth-straightening solutions designed specifically for you.

Choosing Invisalign vs. Braces

If your appearance is not an important concern for you, then the decision regarding Invisalign vs. braces may come down to comfort and convenience. Invisalign trays can be removed to let you brush and floss your teeth normally. They also feel more comfortable compared to the sharp wires and metal brackets used to construct traditional braces. These can be important considerations when deciding whether Invisalign is right for your needs.

Benefits of the Invisalign System

Invisalign treatment can allow you to enhance your smile while maintaining a natural and beautiful look for your teeth. This can help you achieve your orthodontic goals while avoiding the metallic glare of traditional braces. Invisalign makes it easier to take care of your teeth as well, allowing your teeth to stay healthier throughout your treatment.

Invisalign May Be Right for You

If you have moderate misalignment of your teeth, Invisalign may provide the discreet and effective solution you need to correct these issues. By consulting with our experienced Invisalign dentists, you can determine the best course of treatment for your orthodontic needs. From Invisalign retainers to full tray systems, we deliver the solutions you need to brighten your smile and straighten your teeth effectively.

Is Invisalign Covered by Insurance?

While Invisalign insurance is relatively rare, many of the procedures involved in the process can be billed to your dental plan. If you are concerned about Invisalign cost, our administrative team can provide you with accurate information on the expenses and benefits of this advanced procedure. By investing in yourself, you can enjoy the greatest benefits from your Invisalign plan.

What Type of Results Can I Expect from Invisalign?

After your full course of Invisalign trays has been completed, you will enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth without the unwanted discoloration that sometimes occurs with traditional braces. Our Invisalign experts will provide you with the support and guidance you need to make the perfect choice for you.

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Patient Reviews
My cleaning, x-rays and examination were all handled very professionally and efficiently, so I was done in less than one hour.
Thomas M.
They are super nice and very gentel I hate going to the dentist but felt secure here. It’s great they are open late a couple nights a week so my husband can go and doesn’t have to take […]
Ladeana S.
The staff at Gentle Dental in Shelby Twp have been my dental professionals for over 20 years. The facility is extremely clean, the dentists are knowledgeable and friendly, Debi the dental hygienist […]
Michele C.
Quality of service
Flora U.
Made sure of my insurance benefits before I got there. Took the exrays did the exam and I knew exactly how much I was going to have to pay up front. Everyone was really nice. They did their best to […]
Ladeana S.
Staff is friendly and service great. Very professional
Paula G.
always please with the office and staff
Janet J.
Everyone that helped me was awesome. Friendly and caring. I would recommend highly. So glad i chose this office.
Jennifer S.
hygentist & dentist both were concered for the best p ossible outcomes for me
Harold P.
Nice people , friendly and helpful.
Bill B.
Quick, efficient and does the best to accommodate my schedule.
Julie K.
Minimal waiting, friendly and knowledgable staff.
Kristie B.
I drive an extra 20 minutes out of my way to come here. Debi did a great job on my normally sensitive teeth and gums. She always takes her time and truly lives up to the “Gentle Dentle” […]
James M.
There are so many great reviews of this place and due to my skepticism, I was a little worried that they were fabricated but truly, they are not! I took my chances and went to the office to find that […]
Lauren B.
Everybody’s polite and it sound like nobody’s out there to get your money Plus it’s close to my house and I will recommend this place
Zef L.
This is the friendliness most caring office I have ever been to. The six staff members I encountered worked so well together and really seemed to enjoy working with one another, which made me feel so […]
Adam J.
The staff is very friendly , they genuinely seem to care about you as a person. The dentist is very gentle , calming and does a great job.
Carolyn S.
Debbie is an awesome hygienist. She is a passionate about her job and it shows in the results. Kate and Joslyn are awesome too. Keep up the good work GD Shelby.
Mark M.
Very thorough, answered all my questions, staff is friendly.
Otto A.
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